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  • Code Crafters and AI Wizards

    Entering the New Realm of Software Development The dawn of the AI era marks a significant milestone in the journey of software development, a journey that has seen developers evolve from artisans of code to maestros orchestrating a symphony of intelligent algorithms. As we stand at this pivotal juncture, it’s crucial to understand how this…


  • Meet Your New Chat Buddy: GPT-Chatbot, Fun and Fully Yours!

    Hey There, AI Enthusiasts! Welcome to a world where chatbots are not just smart, but also kind of like your best buddies. We’re talking about GPT-Chatbot, a cool new hobby project that lets you build a chatbot that’s all about you. GPT and LLMs – The Brains Behind the Bot Before we get rolling, let’s…


  • Modern Java Development – The Fast And The Furious

    A small throwback in history… Remember the days when Java was created at Sun Microsystems? More specifically, when James Gosling led a team of researchers in an attempt to create a new language that would allow electronic consumer devices to communicate with each other. Efforts on the language began in 1991 and the first release…


  • Are your applications being watched? 

    In an era where digital innovation is at its peak, ensuring the quality of software applications is more crucial than ever. Quality assurance (QA) has rapidly emerged as a key player in the software development lifecycle, joining the ranks of Agile, DevOps, and Security as a pivotal aspect of modern development. But what truly elevates…


  • The battle of low-code solutions!

    The battle of low-code solutions! Comparison of the 3 competitors. The rapidly changing business demand Over the last few years, mainstream software development has been increasingly challenged and questioned. After all, the increasing demand for applications and modernisations has prompted companies to encourage their development teams to perform faster and explore better ways of application…