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Scrum Programming

Becoming a Programming Scrum Master

This is the home of the SCRUM programming language.
It is an attempt to make a new custom programming language which is understandable for business as well as for developers and losely inspired by the Scrum (software development) framework.


So you can become yourself an actual Master of scrum programming instead of being just a 'Scrum Master' (without even coding)!

Inspired by being a Rockstar developer (the programming language developed by Dylan Beattie) and wanting to really comprehend the creation and work of an actual programming language I decided to develop my own.

As originally being a Java Developer and because everyone has Java on his computer I used Java as base for the new language.

Want to try it out?

The full implementation and docmentation can be found on Github.

To install it locally, download the development kit:

A glance of the scrum programming language using the 'Hello World' example:
#SPRINTGOAL Deliver our first Scrum program

EPIC "SampleStories"

    USER STORY "HelloWorld"

        #REVIEW Our first Scrum Program
        SAY "Hello world!"



So if you to become a Master SCRUM programmer, make sure you check it out 😉

Also, being an actual SCRUM programmer looks good on you curriculum!

Feel free to use badge:

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