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Software development archeologist. Knowing our past, tells us our future!
Enforce innovation by learning from our -development- history! 

SCRUM Programming language

Becoming a Master SCRUM programmer, here’s your chance!

mITy John is the home of the SCRUM programming language.
It is a newly created custom programming language which is understandable for business as well as for developers and losely inspired by the Scrum (software development) framework.

This is your opportunity to become yourself an actual Master of SCRUM programming instead of being just a ‘Scrum Master’ (without even coding)!

Easy coding, so why not become even a SCRUM champion.

Read all about it on Scrum Programming

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A true architect is not an artist but an optimistic realist.
He takes a diverse number of stakeholders, extract needs, concerns, and dreams and then creates a beautiful yet tangible solution that is loved by the users and the community at large.
He creates vessels in which life happens.



If it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it.
It is much easier to apologize then it is to get a permission.



Invest in you professional development.
Specialize… and team up with colleagues who have different strengths.